Underground CroppedUnderground Construction

Communication Data Link is a utilities construction company. We are able to handle any type of utility construction project, no matter the size or location, because of our skilled employees and large fleet of equipment.

We install water, electric, fiber, telecommunications, conduit, cable, and joint utility trenches. We provide services for residential, commercial, sewer, and industrial projects. We bore up to 24 inch diameter, trench up to 42 inch, and have any plow capability. We can do it all; with quality and at a low cost.

We place product underground by:
  • HDD –Horizontal Directional Drilling – We drill in all areas from rural to urban, from bare ground to permanent surfaces. We drill roadways, railroads, rivers, wooded and landscaped areas, and solid rock. The industry standard is directional drilling and Communication Data Link is equipped to handle all conditions. Our organization prefers this method of excavation to lessen the impact of restoration, erosion, and areas are very congested with existing utilities. We bore up to 24 inch in diameter.
  • Plowing – We have the expertise to know when plowing can take place to help speed up projects and lower costs. We have the equipment, large and small, needed to meet your plowing needs in any environment and in all soil conditions.
  • Trenching/Backhoeing – We can trench all size of jobs; in open areas or confined spaces with limited access. We do single trenching and multi-unit joint trenching. 
  • Other services include:
    • Cable/ Conduit Pulling
    • Fiber Blowing
    • Hydrovacing
    • Core Drilling